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Rules and policies

Rules and policies are in place to make sure your child remains safe and well at school.

Visit the NSW Department of Education’s policy library for all current operational policies.

Our school uses the department's School Community Charter to ensure all of our communication is collaborative and respectful.

Rules and expectations

At Leichhardt Public School our students thrive in a safe, inclusive and nurturing environment.

Our school rules reflect our expectations for student behaviour and these expectations are applied across all school environments.

Through explicit instruction, students gain a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the behaviours expected from them. This provides a framework for student decision making and subsequent actions.

Students who meet the expectations are rewarded regularly and acknowledged through the school and classroom merit systems.

Students whose behaviour does not meet the expectations will be encouraged to reflect on how their behaviour could be improved to match the LPS community’s standards.

Our consistent, fair and holistic approach to behaviour management encourages positive behaviour in all areas of school life. Our rules and expectations are as follows:

Be a Responsible Learner

  • develop a genuine love of learning
  • pursue excellence and high standards
  • take pride in your work
  • contribute to class discussion and respect the views and ideas of others
  • encourage creative thinking about issues and problems
  • accept roles in group activities
  • exhibit a strong sense of fairness and social justice in the classroom and beyond
  • respect the rights of other learners
  • arrive on time for class and be prepared for each learning session
  • follow class rules, speak courteously and cooperate with instructions and learning activities

Respect Yourself and Others

  • treat staff, other students and members of the school community with dignity, care and respect
  • actively participate as a responsible citizen
  • have respect for and understanding of Australia’s history including the cultures and experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the first peoples of Australia, and Australia as a multicultural society

Be Safe

  • attend school every day, unless you are legally excused
  • behave safely, considerately and responsibly including when travelling to and from school

Care for Your School and Others

  • care for property belonging to yourself, the school and others.
  • maintain a neat appearance and follow the school uniform policy

Any behaviour that infringes on other people’s safety such as harassment, bullying or any illegal behaviour will not be tolerated at our school.

Attendance and absences

Students must attend school regularly so they can achieve their educational best and increase their career and life options.

In NSW, all children from the age of 6 are legally required to attend school or be registered for home schooling through the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). All students must complete Year 10, or its equivalent and remain in school, employment or training until they turn 17.

For more information about compulsory school attendance, visit:

School frameworks (school rules)

As well as following the department’s operational policies, we have developed frameworks for our students in line with our school’s values and commitments.